Frontier Mills, Inc.

A Feed Mill for Research-Based Custom Livestock Supplements

Frontier Mills works directly with livestock producers to create your most efficient feeding and mineral program. Our company was built on working with you to maximize performance and profits, and that still reigns true after over 38 years in business. We partner with livestock producers by offering feedstuff testing, nutrition consulting, and custom feed manufacturing, along with other products that help your operation succeed.

Improving Performance Through Our NFTA Forage Lab

We understand that your livelihood is dependent on your livestock, and every operation faces different challenges. Our forage lab allows us to test your feedstuffs, balance rations, and create an optimum livestock feeding plan for your operation. We also do Feedstuff Inventory sheets to keep track of your inventory. This in-house testing and tracking saves time and money while creating the right nutrition to increase your livestock’s performance.

Custom Blending and Nutritional Support

To help maximize your success, we have on-site nutritionists with years of knowledge and the right tools to offer industry-leading service to our producers. Between on-site visits, feedstuff testing, rationing, and in-house custom milling, we offer some of the quickest turnaround time in the industry. We’ll re-test your feedstuffs and change your rations on a consistent basis, as needed, to maximize efficiency.

Products for All Your Livestock Nutritional Needs

We specialize in custom feed, as well as manufacture a wide variety of supplements, complete feeds, and free-choice minerals for dairy cattle, beef cattle, swine, poultry, goat, sheep, and horses. We also carry Hubbard brand feeds, Akey swine feeds, Country Vet pet food, grass seeds, milk replacers, and more.
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Free Delivery to Regional Farms

Frontier Mills has an entire fleet of delivery vehicles. We offer competitively priced delivery rates to locations in a four-state region.
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