Additional Feed at Frontier Mills

Full Nutrition for Your Goats and Sheep

Frontier Mills manufactures a wide variety of supplements, complete feeds, and free-choice minerals for different species of livestock, including goats and sheep. Stop overpaying for your feed — our mill offers complete nutrition at competitive prices. Browse our inventory of minerals and supplements below.

Premium feed designed for improved growth, reproduction and overall health of most life stages.  Added chelates for improved update.

33.3 Pounds - Intended for all classes of sheep and goats on pasture. Place blocks in easy-access areas, such as pathways or watering or loafing areas. Provide 1 block for every 5-7 head. Feed continuously. Do not feed additional salt or minerals containing salt.

Deer Minerals and Supplements

We also offer deer minerals and supplements to help promote growth and overall health.

Worth a Buck Mineral is a power punch for bucks during antler growth as it’s formulated with ideal amounts of vitamins and minerals for optimum density and growth. This will also aid in the health of does and fawns during reproduction and birth. It’s fortified with Bio-Mos 2.

Worth a Buck Supplement is a 14% protein-enhanced ration designed to improve body condition. This high-energy supplement helps restore body stores of bucks during the rut and long, hard winters.

Optimize Your Livestock’s Nutrition Through Custom Feed

If we don’t have a stock product that will meet your needs, we offer custom blending and rationing as needed to maximize efficiency.

Ready to Start Maximizing the Performance of Your Livestock?