Supplements and Feed for Your Swine Operation

Get complete nutrition for your swine operation at a competitive price with Frontier Mills. We offer a full lineup of supplements and feed to maximize the performance of your swine. Browse our in-house selection to see how we can meet your farm’s needs.

Swine base 55 is a combination of vitamins and minerals that, when fed to sows pre-farrow to weaning, has shown to increase number of pigs and may result in heavier pigs at weaning — all without negative impact on the sow body. Mix at 55 pounds per ton of feed. This is sold in a 55-pound bag.

The foundation of Gilt and Sow Plus is to support the sow’s immunocompetence and litter performance. This technology is delivered at 35 pounds per ton of complete sow and gilt feed. This is designed to be fed continuously in gestation and lactation diots. It also can be added to breeding and replacement gilt rations for optimum benefit.

Custom Feed to Optimize Your Swine Operation

We offer on-site feedstuff testing to increase the performance of your operation. If we don’t have a stock product that will meet your needs, we offer custom blending and rationing as needed to maximize efficiency.

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